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accomplishments, american beauty, american eagle, anime, apple, audrey hepburn, autumn, babies, blank books, bread, breakfast foods, celebrities, children's books, cobbler, collecting journals, colors, comics, compassion, cooked cabbage, cooking, corn, crayola, creative writing, dessert, diet coke, dreams, edward norton, ee cummings, emotions, england, english, europe, exercise, explodingdog.com, fairy tales, fake plastic trees, feeling infinite, fiction, francais, france, free stuff, french, friendly's, friends, frozen yogurt, fruits and vegetables, gameboy advance, garbage, getting mail, god, grocery shopping, happiness, haruki murakami, hello kitty, holidays, hugs, ibook, idlewild, iron chef, jake gyllenhaal, japan, jelly beans, jose saramago, journalling, journals, ketchup, kindergarten, kissing, kroger, laughter, linguistics, little red riding hood, living, lord of the rings, love, magazines, margaret atwood, martha stewart, mel gibson, moulin rouge, muscles, my sister, myself, names, natural foods, nutrition, nylon magazine, organization, owen wilson, pancakes, pedro the lion, pen pals, penpals, pens, photography, piano, poetry, pokemon, postal mail, pretty girls, prismacolors, quarter machines, radiohead, reading, research, richmond, robin williams, roseability, salt, san-x, sanrio, seinfeld, self portraits, short stories, snail mail, snow white, stanley donwood, stationary, stickers, sunshine, sushi, tallulah bankhead, tattoos, the little prince, thom yorke, thrift stores, tori amos, travel, traveling, travis, vanilla, vcu, virginia commonwealth university, waffles, will & grace, writing

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